Why isn’t there any physical WFA for 2021?

We’re currently in a pandemic and due to certain restrictions imposed by the government, we are unable to organise a physical WFA. 

What is this Virtual Edition? 

Many of us are still unable to travel overseas for leisure. So we are bringing the superstar to your computer screen for a dedicated private meet & greet session!

Are international fans allowed to purchase tickets? 

Yes! Since it’s a virtual event, anyone from around the world can join the meet & greet! PRICES ARE IN SINGAPORE DOLLARS.

How long is the meet & greet? 

Each ticket purchased entitled you to 3 5 minutes of video call with the superstar. If you wish for a longer meet & greet session, you may purchase extra tickets to extend your time limit.

Will the meet & greet be recorded?

Yes it will be recorded and we will email you the download link for your meet & greet session. 

What happens if I get disconnected? 

It is your duty to ensure that all your personal devices and internet connection is stable. We will not be responsible should your internet connection or personal device gets disrupted. There will not be any compensation or refunds provided as well.

What happens if I missed my session?

We encourage all ticket holders to register themselves during the registration period so that we can assign individual private rooms for you. However, if you missed the session, we will not entertain any requests for a rearrangement as you’ve forfeited the timeslot for another potential fan who may be interested. 

Can I use my handphone for the meet & greet?

Yes you can. But for a full experience, it is recommended that you use a laptop instead so that you will not be disrupted by messages or phone calls during the meet & greet. 

If I cannot make it to the session, can I transfer it to my friend?

Yes you can. 

Will there be any autographs included?

No, there will not be any autographs included. This is strictly for a video meet & greet session. 

Am I allowed to ask the guest any questions?

Yes. However, the time limit remain unchanged and if you are unable to share the time, we are not responsible for any loss opportunity. 




  1. Slots will be assigned at random. You are to ensure that you are online at all times. 
  2. We expect all ticket holders to conduct themselves appropriately when attending this experience. Polite manners and respect for the talent and adherence to any rules or parameters are a must.
  3. If any participants found to be inappropriate during the meet & greet, the talent and management have the right to remove the participant from continuing the meet & greet. Please respect all participants
  4. Participants must use the same registered name as their order name
  5. The session will be recorded and the footage will be sent to you via email approximately 2 weeks after the event.
  6. Terms & Conditions are subjected to changes per the discretion of the management. 


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